Starting over!

So a lot of changes for Shining Occasions and myself in general for 2014 and I’m so excited to share! As you can see I’ve relocated from Dallas, Texas back to my home town Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I’m looking forward to inspiring old and new friends, being apart of the community, and giving any event I come in contact with a little Shine.

On the wedding planning/coordinating side of the spectrum,

This year I get to give personal experience and advice to my future and reaffirming brides and grooms!

November 2013 my love proposed to me!

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That’s right the wedding planner needs a wedding planner!!! I’m super blessed and so excited to get to work. Check back for updates. We’ve set a date for January 24th of 2015 and I’ll be posting my checklist and sharing this experience with you all.  I’ve already built a wedding website with wedding wire which is a helpful site to organize details.  Click Here to check us out.

Till we meet again,

~Be Blessed Stay Encouraged~

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Pastor’s Anniversary….It’s time to Celebrate!

  Pastoral Anniversary time!!!  Come one Come All!!!

What’s the meaning behind anniversary time… and why make it such a big deal?????

You ever ask those questions?  Pastoral Anniversary is a time to say thank you.  It’s as simple and complex as that one statement.  Can it be misunderstood and the concept twisted? Can it be taken for granted? Can it be exploited and become borderline idolization?  Yes.  But that’s like anything else. 

Let me ask you this.

The last time you were depressed, so depressed you contemplated suicide.  Did you call your pastor?  Did you cry out to God and ask for help?  To deep?

Ok let me try this approach..

You ever just need to talk and have someone to touch and agree with you? Or have good news “a testimony” and wanted to share?

One of the people on your list to call is your Pastor, right?

Pastors are comparatively like shepherds.  They look after their flock and also answer for them.  They feed and protect their sheep.  As the shepherd of your church, your pastor has often dedicated, even sacrificed their time, energy, love and money.  A good shepherd takes the time to listen to your problems and pray with you or set up people to pray with you when they are unavailable.  Often your pastor is praying in intercession for you or how we sometimes say it “Standing in the Gap”, to keep you protected when you didn’t even know you were in danger.  It is the shepherds responsibility to make sure the house of the Lord is maintained and treated sacredly.  To continuously provide encouragement.  Not only to the sin sick or lame but also the saved people.  (That’s right, the Saint’s and the Aint’s) Being saved is a lifestyle and a daily journey that’s not always easy.  Trials and tribulations will come and it’s important for an individual that’s accepted Christ to have a “Covering, which is another word used for a shepherd or pastor. 

So if your Pastor does all this and more…… It makes sense to say “Thank you” and to encourage the shepherd to continue to fight for you spiritually.

Usually, there is a date and time as to when your pastor became the pastor of the church you attend.  So the anniversary of that date or that general timeframe is normally deemed Pastoral Anniversary Time!!  It’s a time for the congregation to collectively say thank you and give your pastor back the encouragement they have given to you!  No matter if this event is big or small, I’m sure your pastor will be honored and feel appreciated. 

So the next time you hear the call for volunteers to help with anniversary or are requested to be apart of the committee, you can do one of two things…….. Say “Yes! I’d love the chance to give back to someone who pours into me daily” or give them my card and say “I don’t have time but can suggest a wonderful planner to help with the committee”  *Wink*   Either way take the time out to not only say thank you…. but to show that you mean it.

With that being said I’d like all of you to help me celebrate my pastor and 1st lady.  THE Holley’s!!!! This September will be a chance for my church family to say thank you and show appreciation.  I encourage all those in North Carolina to come help us celebrate this man and woman of God!  Details are below.

Till next time,

Be Blessed. Stay Encouraged.


Kristin and Kevin Meloy United March 30th 2013

I am so happy to announce Kristin and Kevin tied the knot on Saturday, March 30th 2013!

This was such a beautiful occasion. I wish them the best of luck and many blessings (Check back in the future for more pictures!)

The following were their vendors and contact information….But also along with this post is an honest and objective review of each contributor.

Venue: YWCA 

Address: 512 W 4th St. Ft. Worth, TX.  Event Manager: Lori Robinson (817-332-6191)

Pros: If you’re looking for a historic feel with character, this is your place.   This venue has the capacity to hold your ceremony and reception and is reasonably priced.  Included are the Great Room and Grand Ballroom with Sound system and Stage (In the Ballroom only) as well as tables and chairs (no covers though).  The great room is downstairs and 2 flights of stairs upward is the Grand Ballroom, so you’re still able to have the wow factor with separate areas.  There is also a caterers kitchen adjoining the Grand Ballroom and commercial kitchen on the ground floor. But that’s not all, guess what!?! You have the peace of mind knowing your proceeds are contributed to a great cause.  This venue is also a Residential Service for homeless women.  But honestly had anyone not told me I would have never known.  The top 3 levels are designated for the women’s shelter part but their exit and entry location is through the back during an event.  So you don’t see any of the women unless you’re hanging out in the parking lot.  Don’t know what to do with all that left over food?  Again, you have the peace of mind knowing you are helping someone else out.  You can donate all you want to the shelter!!  The event managers were very nice and communication was always open.  If one of the managers didn’t know an answer the other one called the next day! During my inspection and setup of the grand ballroom I noticed that the room just wasn’t where it needed to be.  It was way too crowded with the original design the bride and groom had in mind.  Once I got the OK from the bride to do what I needed to make it perfect, I changed almost the whole layout!!!  The event managers were good sports about this and helped me move chairs and tables. (They pay someone to set up the tables so they could’ve just said you’re on your own.)

Cons: The venue is historic, so if you’re looking for crisp walls with no cracks and modern-day accents, turn the other way!  The building has been updated but is still pretty old.  So you’re restricted more than usual as to preserve almost everything!  An example would be the DJ not being able to bring in their equipment through the main doors, but through a side stage door as to protect the historic floors. Whiiicccchhhhhhhhhh actually should not be a big deal unless you have a grumbling DJ complaining about picking up his own equipment. Other than that, the max capacity is 175 for a seated wedding and reception, which if your guest count is lower… That’s a Pro. The entire venue is plain and at first look does not seem wedding friendly, but add a little imagination and this space can be transformed into something magical.  It will just take the extra $$$.

Florist: Bice’s Florist

Address: 650 W Bedford Euless Rd. Ft. Worth, TX. 76053. Florist: Cheri (817-299-3366) or Toll Free at (800-848-0209)

Pros: With what little budget there was to work with…… The couple received a lot for their money!  The center pieces, I thought, were original and accented the couple just right.  They were not elaborate but added a classic, colorful touch to its overall simplicity.  They were early to the venue and everything was fresh. You do have the option of using your own vases (which can be cheaper), renting the florists’, or buying from the florist.

Cons:  Communication was not the best.  Now to be fair, this very well could have been a too many people with their hands in the pot situation, but honestly I don’t think so.  Email responses were slow and the information could change from one to the next.  Example:  The couple choose to use some of their own vases and were told a date to drop them off.  Later, they were told to drop them off earlier…which could have been inconvenient for the couple.  Changes had to be made to the order and getting responses from this business was again slow and taxing.  I’m assuming Cheri was the florist who brought the flowers to the venue.  They might be great with flowers but they are not people friendly.  Questions to them were replied with short and curt responses.  But you know what… they were hired for great flowers and that’s what they provided.

Linens: Seat by Design

Address: 3733 N. Josey Lane.  Suite 115.  Carrollton,TX. 75007. Consultant Sandra. Store (972-395-7389) Company cell  (214-686-6931)

Pros: Concise information is always a plus.  Miss Sandra was pleasant, understanding and prompt! Her and her team were at the venue as early as they were allowed to be let in.  Provided were table covers for 3 different size tables.  seat covers and accents.  Again last-minute changes needed to be made to the order but Seat by Design was understanding and accommodating.  Miss Sandra was there when it was decided to change the receptions’ layout and didn’t bat an eye when we needed to add 2 DJ tables and take away seating tables.  She gave advice on what went well and was a joy to work with.  Her clean up crew were quick and efficient and again…. ONTIME!

Cons: I honestly don’t have a negative comment for this company.  I would highly recommend their services for your event.

Caterers: Los Molcajetes

Address: 4320 Western center Blvd. Ft. Worth,TX. 76137. Contact 817-306-9000.

Pros: The food was absolutely amazing!  For the price that was paid (around $10/pp) there was more than most could eat. There was enough food left over to cover the extra guests who showed (Have to love that RSVP) and 3 floors of the women’s shelter!

Cons: Now that saying “You get what you pay for” comes to mind when I think of this catering company.  They were not prompt (about 30 mins late actually) and the lack of professionalism irked that last pressure point!! There was a serious lack of communication and in the end the couple did not get what they thought they had paid for.  I’m not exactly sure what catering company doesn’t know they have to clean up and take out the trash, basic Catering 101 to me. But who am I.  I’m so glad the couple had friends that pitched in and helped with the clean up and this incident didn’t deter the overall event.

Again overall this was a special day for Kristin and Kevin that I know they’ll never forget.  The wedding was never lacking in charm and class.  This event will forever be a great milestone and memory for their friends and family and I personally wish them the best!

My First Blog Post

~Shining Occasions~

Built Blog site with wordpress …..Check

Uploaded a picture of this wonderful company I’m building….Check

Prayed that my hands be guided while I am typing….Check

Get my thoughts together over hot cocoa…..Check!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Iesha Wade and I’m the founder and owner of Shining Occasions! ….Whew, that wasn’t so hard.

So what is Shining Occasions?

Shining Occasions is designed to plan and coordinate the most significant, life changing memories in to unforgettable events and occasions. I offer a wide range of services to make your special day one to envy all.  From referring and contacting vendors to personally accounting for every detail, Shining Occasions is there to make sure your event is carried out with the grace and elegance you deserve!  Whether you’d like a Day of Coordinator or a start to finish Event Planner, I’ve got you covered and can adapt to your needs.  Currently, I am able to either plan or coordinate your Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Pastoral Anniversary, Banquet, Church Event or Birthday Party in Dallas/Ft Worth, TX and surrounding areas.  For contact please call  214-405-5596.

What are my plans for this Blog?

My plan is to provide updated venue locations, reviews as well as referrals.  Also create and share inspiration boards and become inspired from you! You can look forward to my sharing of upcoming events.  These events will be from near to far so be sure to checkout the location I list. You can also look forward to weekly or monthly Inspirational Words of Wisdom just to help us get through the day.  I pray I’ve already inspired you with something I’ve said today.

What’s next?

To get started, I’ll list a few up coming events.  Be sure to check back for pictures and reviews!


March 30th, 2013

Kristin and Kevin Meloy will be uniting their lives under God before friends and family.

YWCA: 512 W. 4th st.  Fort Worth, TX 76102.  Phone Number: 817-332-6191

Check back for Reviews and Pictures!


Lady Valine's Birthday!

Check back for updates and pictures!